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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hosanna in the Highest! Palm Sunday 2014

I woke up this morning and immediately started to wonder what it must have been like for Our Lord to know that this would be the final week of His earthly life.  He knew what was going to be asked of Him and He also knew that the road to get there would not be easy.  But He did it!  He did it because it was the Father's Will that He should be the Ultimate Sacrifice.

This is the week of ancient pageantry in the Catholic Church.  We have palms, we wash feet, we remember the crucifixion, and we wait on Holy Saturday so that we may celebrate the Resurrection on Easter Morning.

I wonder where I would have been standing on that dusty road to Jerusalem.  Would I be singing hosanna that day and asking for Barabbas the next.  Would I like Peter deny Him even though I had seen all His miracles?  I do not know.

I hope that I would have been with Mary, Mary, and John standing at the foot of the cross.
 This is also the week leading up to the four month anniversary of Michael's passing.  Good Friday will be the actual day.  It is my hope and prayer the Michael is in Heaven and that he will be celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord with Our Lord.  Now that is a wonderful picture.

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