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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Woman at the Well

I love this story about the Woman at the Well.  It allows us to listen in to Jesus talking to someone.  Someone who is shocked that Jesus, a Jew, would talk to her a Samaritan.  Yet, he does talk to her.  He talks to her about Living Water.  How important water is in the desert.  He is offering her water that will meet the needs of her soul.

More importantly I love this story because I could be that woman.  A woman married multiple times and was living in sin with yet another man who took on the role of husband when, in fact, she and I have no husband.  I have no doubt that this woman made it to heaven.  I have often wondered what her "husbands" thought when they joined her there.  It is my hope that I will make it to heaven, after a healthy healing time in Purgatory.  Three of my four husbands are there or at least I hope they are in Purgatory and will meet me there.  I know in my heart that they are not concerned with this earthly life anymore, nor will I be concerned about it.  But for a moment consider how they might be talking about all of us.  So sure of ourselves and yet, stumbling around.  Sinners all!

We are just the people that Jesus came for, to lift us up, to give us Living Water.  I am standing at the well.

Help me to realize that You are the Living Water. You are the one who saves me.  Let me lower my jar and fill it to the brim so that You may slack Your thirst.


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