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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Father Charlie talked about temptation today and reminded us that the Devil starts small and if he can break us there then he moves on to bigger and better temptations.

Oh, the devil has me in the small ways and I am sure that he has in medium ways also.  As of yet I have not killed anyone so I am happy for that.  I have been tempted though.  I have said it in a joking manner, but in my heart there were times that I could have killed someone.

I am tempted by sloth.  It is so easy to just put things off and eventually you stop thinking about the things you need to do.

I am tempted by distraction.  Especially when praying the Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Actually when praying.  I think it upsets the devil and he distracts me with the lists of things that I have roaming around in my head.

I am tempted by judging.  Oh that plank in my eye!

I am tempted by being angry.  It such an easy emotion.  If I don't want to deal with an emotion, anger usually fits the bill.

I am tempted by stubbornness. I cover by thinking that I am Staunch.  No I am stubborn.  Like Mammy said in Gone with the Wind. No matter how much Miss Scarlett and Mr. Rhett dressed up like thoroughbreds, they were still stubborn like mules.

Yes, Lord I am tempted.  Tempted daily to listen to the devil and not to you.  Help me.  Lead me not...

Help me to remember....

Counting other people's sins does NOT make me a saint!


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  1. I think that distraction while praying the rosary is not a bad thing. The Rosary is a form of meditation and it allows the mind to think about other things, hopefully good things, fond memories. Don't be so hard on yourself, others will take care of that problem for you. Keep smiling, it makes them wonder what you've been up to.