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Monday, January 13, 2014

St. Therese & St. Jude

Sometimes I am as thick as a post.  This is not new information for those that know me.  The Lord had to hit me twice with the 2X4 this time!

While Michael was ill I prayed to St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Jude that he would find his way back to the Church.  As you know my prayers and the prayers of many were answered.

So yesterday while at my sisters home my grand niece was sitting at the table.  She had a bag of artificial roses.  She asked me if I wanted one.  I said yes and didn't think about it until this morning at Mass.  As I finished my prayer to St. Therese I looked into my purse and there it was, a perfect rose laying by my Rosary!  I am going to take it as a sign from St. Therese, who promised to send a shower of roses from Heaven!

I got the message....


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