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Monday, March 21, 2016

God Writes Straight

God writes straight with crooked lines.
-Fr. Charlie

I know that I have mentioned Fr. Charlie's quote that, "God writes straight with crooked lines" before.  Lately it is a mantra that has been circling in my head for a couple of weeks.

When Joseph is sent to meet his brothers, they want to murder him.  Instead they sell him into slavery.  Later when they are starving and head to Egypt they are saved by the very brother they wanted to murder.  God took a seemingly bad situation and made it a good one.

As I reflect on my life I see where God has taken what I considered a bad situation and He turned it around for good.

When Michael was diagnosed and we knew he was terminal we could have been stuck in that mess of crooked lines.  Instead God wrote straight to our hearts and freed us from our fears and doubts and drew us ever closer to Him.

Now one of my daughters has been diagnosed with cancer and once again the lines are crooked.  Even now I see God's hand writing straight.  This diagnoses has allowed us to begin healing our relationship.   God doesn't want us to have regrets.  No, He calls us to lay every thing at His feet so that He can carry our burden.

Certainly during Holy Week as we approach the crucifixion of Our Lord we see the crooked lines.  Peter denies Him, Judas betrays Him, and Jesus feels abandon in the garden. Yet through all of this God's hand is writing straight.  He turns this sacrifice into our salvation.

Help me to not become entangled with crooked lines.
Give me the strength to see that Your hand is already writing straight.

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