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Monday, February 3, 2014

Amish Insight

Well, being a little under the weather caused me to watch some TV yesterday.  I watched a documentary on the Amish.  Here is what I took away from it.

They believe as I do that we are just passing through this world.  They view the world as a place that attempts to draw them away from God.  If an activity or a device draws them away from God then they do not use it or engage in the activity.

It is interesting that I am noticing that I am drawn away from God by my electronics. Yes, my prayers and Divine Office are on there, but it is too easy to spend the day tapping and playing games. When was the last time that I stopped and thanked God for my day?

I listened to an Amish woman, who said that everything that she did during the day was a prayer to God.  She started the day in prayer with her family.  I too begin my day in prayer and offer my day to God.

This is what touched me and I have been meditating on it.  She said, " If I offer my day to God then even if I am washing dishes standing at the sink, my SOUL is KNEELING before God."

I love the image of my soul kneeling before God.  That is what it should be doing. No matter what happens today, no matter what obstacles my be in my way, no matter how I soul is kneeling before God.


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